News - Changed Transfer Prices (18/04/2019)

From today we are changed the price of transfer services:

-Item Transfer 7500 -> 10000 ec per item.

-Stat Transfer base price 7500 - 10000 ec

-Full class change transfers 40000 - 45000 ec

Those orders which already sent are still will be on old price. The new orders from today already with the new prices.

Edit: The transfer times still can delay, hopefully within 2 weeks will be back normal.

Patch Notes - 15/04/2019 Patch Notes (15/04/2019)

Changes on Daily Dungeons rotating 

-Tuesday Edge of Phantom temporary replaced with Forbidden Island at Tier 2!

 Changes on FB BM1 Stacking method 

-BM1 get back the activation base values on TG.

-So far BM1 was too OP at War, got so high unfair advantages from passive Magic Attacks. Also their HP was overbugged the current limit.

-Arrows/Lances/Cannons now provide flat values instead based on magic attack. We need balance this so in near future we will change the values for test.

-This is a necessary nerf for PVE and PVP as well. No more ultra high HP and insane attack increase at BM1 anymore.

 Other Changes/Bugfixes 

-Black Transmuter price increased to 25k eCoin or 40k WEXP.

-Changed prices of Bikes in N shop.

-Lowered price of Safeguard Highest in the N shop.

-Fixed a bug where in Awakened Catacomb Frost the Ice Guardian not attacked by mercenaries.

Event - ###Big Cabal.RED Easter Egg Hunt### (14/04/2019)

 ###Big Cabal.RED Easter Egg Hunt### 


> Friday 19th April

> Sunday 21st April

> Monday 22nd April

On this 3 Days the Easter Rabbit will arrive to our Server.

Between 10AM and 10PM Server time he will hide goodies all over the server.

How do you know when he was hiding stuff?

If you see the GM shout "HUNT!" you should walk around with your eyes wide open for the next 10 Minutes. Looking for stuff on the ground sometimes hidden, sometimes very obvious placed and waiting to get taken. (every Map & TG possible)

What can you find?

> Easter Event Items

> Alz Potions

> WEXP Potions

> War Badges

> and many many more

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