News - ToS changes (14/03/2019)

We updated our Terms of Services again:

1.) [...] Due too much account selling/trading abuse, we will not change email addresses for accounts anymore. Only hard exceptions will be changed and only available for used paypal mails. [...]

Patch Notes - 07/03/2019 Patch Notes (07/03/2019)

 Raw Platinum Shop changes 

-Alz Potion is now give 12,5m for each raw platinum (up from 5m.)

-Pet Untrain Kit (Option) is now required 40 raw platinum (down from 50.)

Patch Notes - 06/03/2019 Patch Notes (06/03/2019)

*** Dungeon Rewarding System 2.0 - Daily Dungeons ***

You can get extra alz from Legendary Cube Tier I-III which is obtainable by daily once with daily dungeon runs.

Every day have 3 dungeon (1 each Tier) to be completed 10 times to obtain the cube. (10x Tier 1 of the day dungeon -> 1 x Tier 1 Cube)

When completed the 10th run you will find the cube in Cash Invertory.

The cubes are account binded, and can be done with multiple characters on the same account.

You can complete each tier daily once. Solo and party runs even count.

Reset time: After the 21:00 TG done will reset the counters to 0 so you need to be done until that with the 10 runs.

What the cubes containst?

Tier 1 - 20kk - 500kk Alz potion

Tier 2 - 50kk - 1b Alz potion

Tier 3 - 100kk - 2b Alz potion

Dungeon/Day list on last tab from our DropTable Sheet:

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