News - Donation Promo for X-Mas Period (05/12/2018)

Since the development will end for this year on RED (except if major bug appear), wanna thank you all for playing here and hope you enjoy the holiday season as well. 19/12/2018 will be alot ingame event for celebrate our 1st anniversary!

During this month (05/12/2018 - 03/01/2019) we will run 50% promo on all donations (promo's overwrite the base bonus!!!). This period longer than usual, so everybody who wanna support us, have enough time.

Wish you happy hunting for the events!

Patch Notes - 05/12/2018 Patch Notes (05/12/2018)

### 05/12/2018 Patch Notes ###

*** Abadoned City Rebalance ***

-Most of mobs and bosses received new HP value. This dungeon now should be that strong which intended. Example end bosses have 30% less HP. Several boss which was same HP with mobs fixed, and several mobs which hadd boss HP value fixed as well.


*** Minesta Belts ***

-Minesta Belts now able to add to Auction House up to +15!

-They are filtered by category (Guardian/Fighter/Sage) but not filterable by upgrade value (+0 example).


*** Santa Event ***

-Wreath rate nerfed from socks


*** Stats Limit ***

-Stat Limit increased to 60k! Don't forget above 50k it cost more!

Event - X-Mas Events on RED (04/12/2018)

### X-Mas events on RED ###

Duration: 04/12/2018 - 03/01/2019


*** Part I: Collect and Exchange ***

Event_Christmas Ball(Red) and Event_Christmas Wreath will drop from any mobs on maps and dungeons (except Arena dungeons!).

The collected items can be exchanged for rewards in Green Despair:

Main Reward: RW3 and PW5 with 15 cd craft!!! (REQUIRED 2 Slotted +0! bikes for exchange.)


*** Part II: Santa Red Socks Drop ***

Santa Red Socks will drop from any mobs on maps and dungeons (except Arena dungeons!).

It contains from the following gifts:

-Chaos Core

-Chaos Core Piece

-Effector Stone

-Event_Christmas Ball(Red)

-Event_Christmas Wreath

-Santa Arena Entry Item (1 hour duration!!!)

-Alz Potions 15-100m


*** Part III: Santa Arena - Santa Challenge ***

You can get entries from Santa Red Socks which enables you to get to Santa's Place and fight him. The 3 chest after killing contains his belts, belt materials, and alz from his pockets.

This way you can improve your belt to kill the Santa more smoother!

***Notice: You can enter only on Ch6 (T-Point/PVP) channel. All other channel will drop DC if you try enter!!!***


Chests contains:

-Minesta Belt [+1, +3, +5], [+7, +9], [+12, +15] (Higher belts -> Lower chance)

-Effector Stone

-Chaos Core

-Alz stacks.


*** Additional Notes ***

-Bad Santa chasing to you yet in Santa Arena. -> Will be fixed soon!

-Event items and Socks can be placed into Auction House! Avoid a scam by mail!

-Channels player capacity increased

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