News - ### 20/06/2019 Patch Notes ### (20/06/2019)

Set Items Rebalance
-NPC prices fixed on Mithril and Demonite tier. (Buff)
-Armour sets received a small defense buff on their parts at Mithril and above.
-Demonite gear received a set effect and adjusted for release. Expected release somewhere autumn.

Droprate changes
-Porta Inferno, Arcane Trace, Senilla set items drop rate nerfed.
-Senilla mobs can drop green craft Palladium items. (Lower chance than archridium.)

Patch Notes - 16/06/2019 Patch Notes (16/06/2019)

*** New wings added ***

-We added 16 + 1 new Wings. 1 Wing unreleased for event purpose. You can find them in Wings shop in Bloody Ice.

*** New Dungeon ***

-Steamer Crazy (Awakened) released. Drops same as other awakened DX dungeons. Entry at Event NPC - Exchanges.

*** Bugfixes ***

-Awakened FT2 Nola Ispita Quest fixed.

-Questbugs > normal Quests Lvl. 31 / 51 / 87 fixed.

-Draculas Armor + any Wings = causing DCs when you want to unequip both fixed.

-Kendo Suit and Brazil Costume fixed.

Patch Notes - 13/06/2019 Patch Notes (13/06/2019)

*** New Weapon Skins / Pets ***

-Added 4 New set of Weapon skins added, 1 to the premium category.

-Added 20 new monster based pet, 2 of them unreleased for events purpose. Several pet Lv. 10 version is same as Lv.1. Those pets are notified in their description!

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