Patch Notes - 17/05/2019 Patch Notes (17/05/2019)

*** New Costumes ***

-11 New Costume introduced into the game. 7 will be normal prices, 4 will be premium priced. You can find in BI shops.

*** Raw Platinum drop changes ***

-Removed from:
Hazardous Valley (Easy, Normal, Hard)

Hazardous Valley (Awakened)
Edge Phantom

*** Changes ***

-AP/DP Savers are now in Adventurer's Shop for Alz.

-Decreased droprate of RoL+4/CR+4/SEHH in Edge Phantom.

-Fixed a bug where mobs which used by Edge Phantom and Glacias Inferna has too much HP.

-Edge Phantom 2 Boss have higher HP than before to compensate the lower mobs HP.

-Edge Phantom times resetted.

Manual Patch for models:

News - Community Project (16/05/2019)

We´re looking for some new pets to add and we want your opinions ;)

Patch Notes - 13/05/2019 Patch Notes (13/05/2019)

*** Edge of Phantom Hill Rework ***

-This dungeon empowered to Reversed IC2 level. Dropstructure is same with it. So last chest drop Palladium. Approx a same stat need as RIC2.

-Unique drop: Ring of Luck +4, Critical Ring +4. They will have an Event version which required this as material!

-Legendary chest can drop 50/100m alz stacks.

-DP reward: 15 DP

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