News - ***GA Application*** (16/07/2019)

We're looking for 1 - 2 new GAs to join our staff team.

Your main tasks are answering players questions ingame and in discord as well as report abusive player in any manner and be a representative part of our staff.

Fill the following form to apply:

Event - PVP Tournament Schedule (14/07/2019)
***PVP Tournament Schedule***
Don't mind the EDT after the times!
Written times are server time count
As we will check every player frequently for their used equipment on start and during the fights we'd set up 10 min each match (Best of 3)

Other stuff kept up same as in the event announcement
News - TG/ PVP Re-balancing (11/07/2019)
As you all know we're thinking and arguing about TG/ PVP rebalances since a long time.
We made a form to collect your opinions about that as well.
Please fill it out to give us an overview how your thought are about this case.
Thanks all 
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